At Jetney Development, we do our best to ensure reliable delivery of all orders. Local shipments within the US typically arrive quickly, no matter which shipping method you choose. International shipments inevitably take longer, but they also arrive within the expected time frame.

ITEMS SHIPPED WITHOUT INSURANCE ARE THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE BUYER. You are welcome to choose any method offered, but keep the risks in mind.

The following methods are used for shipping products:

  • Domestic (United States)
    • USPS First Class - tracked but NOT insured
    • USPS Priority - tracked but NOT insured
    • USPS Priority Express - tracked and insured
    • UPS (various) - tracked and insured
  • International
    • USPS First Class International - NOT tracked and NOT insured
    • USPS Priority Express International - tracked and insured
    • UPS (various) - tracked and insured

Items shipped internationally via USPS first class are tracked only until they leave the US. After this time, it is not possible to obtain any further information, except for certain countries that provide delivery confirmation when the package arrives.

ITEMS SHIPPED INTERNATIONALLY MAY INCUR ADDITIONAL CUSTOMS CHARGES. This depends on factors outside of our control. Please be aware that some packages may require further payment before they are released by customs.